Do we really need another music blog?

I’ve been a fan of music since I was a young’n raiding my dad’s vinyl collection listening to The Kinks, The Doors, and The Beatles. As a Gen-Xer I was lucky enough to grow up with radio stations that weren’t all owned by Clear Channel playing the same 50 songs. I watched the birth of MTV and came of age while it was still a wonderful hodgepodge of musical styles. [Wipes tear from his old man eye.]

I did the college radio DJ thing [DJ Loaf: “No Name, No Slogan” from 10 to Midnight Tuesdays on WPBX 88.3FM Southampton College LIU Southampton, NY] which really opened my eyes to the depth and variety of music out there. After I graduated I dabbled freelance music writing on the side for about 5 years reviewing albums and live shows and interviewing bands for indie music mags like Interface, Bomb Threat!, Outburn, Devil In the Woods, The Northeast Performer, and even The Boston Phoenix. [At this point I think all of them are defunct.] It was great, but I got tired of trying to keep up with whatever indie band was the next new thing so I gave it up and surrendered myself to digging into what I already had: years worth of music I hadn’t fully explored.

The wonderful and terrible thing about music is it never stops. For every band I picked up an album from that I really dug it usually leads me to similar bands and their influences and so on and so on. And on goes the ever unpeeling onion of music. So here I am, another voice in the wilderness of the web reviewing random, often dated albums that may only matter to me.

Thanks for reading and listening.

John “JR” Lefler

Revised- January 2017


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